Webbing Rope Bed Ladder

The Webbing Bed Ladder is ideal for maintaining independence and offers support during rehabilitation, enabling patients to sit up and lie down in bed without assistance from a carer.

Product Overview

This easy-to-attach bed ladder allows patients to maintain control as they sit up and lie down. Patients who would otherwise struggle to manoeuvre themselves gain a whole new level of independence with the bed rope ladder, allowing them to reposition themselves safely and easily.

Health professionals love how simple it is to attach the functional webbing ladder to a bed. With no knots or ties to worry about, a caregiver simply needs to loop the multicoloured webbing rope ladder through the foot end of a hospital bed frame or around the bed casters at the foot end of a divan bed. Then, patients can grip onto the coloured rungs as they pull themselves into a sitting position or guide themselves back into a supine position. The spaces between the rungs are small and designed so that a patient can’t trap their head between them.

Hospital Direct stocks bed webbing ladders to fit single hospital beds, single divan beds and double divan beds. You can also order bespoke webbing ladders for king-size and super-king-size divan beds. Simply let us know whether you have a hospital bed/trolley or a divan bed (single/double/king-size) and we will send you the right model. If you need further advice about the Webbing Bed Ladders, please get in touch with our Technical Team. We will be delighted to help.

FIM Independence Level: 6–5

Product Video

Product Specifications

  • WEIGHT 0.16 kg
  • DIMENSIONS 27 × 18 × 3 cm
  • Sizes: Single Hospital Bed, Single Divan Bed, Double Divan Bed