The Alcove Video Carephone

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Product Overview

Whilst the rest of us all use Zoom and Skype, for our loved ones whom are unable to access smart devices, a video chat with a friendly face on the super simple Alcove Video Carephone makes a huge difference. In fact, recent research has suggested that a single call to an older patient can almost halve the odds of hospital readmission. Our device connects carers, families, neighbours, health and communities – all with one touch of a face.

Product Features

  • One touch video calling
  • Callers displayed as an image on screen
  • Reminders
  • SMS message feature
  • Group calling feature
  • Full audit of call log activity
  • Alerts to remind loved ones if the device is off or running low on battery
  • Alerts to let loved ones know a persons response to a reminder or lack of response in some cases

“This has been amazing for my elderly in-laws, they are still baffled by the magic, but they love having visual contact with family members. Anyone considering This should just do it, once accepted it was all set upIn a few days, and has improved my in-laws mental health”

Elaine Porter – Facebook