Turning Adjustable Bed

Luxury adjustable bed with high quality Reflex mattress.

Product Overview

The Electric Turning Bed from Laybrook is the ideal bed for a person who wants independence, as it puts the person from a seated position on the side of the bed and turns the bed into a flat position for sleeping. One push of the button will do a full rotation from seated to sleeping position without the need for carers, it helps getting legs onto the bed with the minimum of fuss and gives complete independence.

By not having carers come to assist you into bed in the evening and out of bed in the morning, this product could save over £25,000.00 per year.*


  • 90 degree rotation feature.
  • Height Adjustable
  • Grab Rails
  • Fully Profiling
  • Patient Grab Handle
  • Lockable Castors

NEW TILTING FUNCTION (When the bed has turned 90 degrees you now can tilt the bed like a riser recliner chair to help get in & out of the bed). see picture 4.The model shown has a beautiful Belgian damask surround and has castors so it can be easily moved.

This bed comes with a full 5-year warranty.
It is also fully installed by our trained engineers, NOT FLAT PACKED like some companies.

Product Video

Technical Specifications

Colour: The colour of this divan bed surround is beige.

Sizes: 5ft 6 and 6ft.
The picture shown is a single bed.
A dual bed has two mattresses (independent movement)

Standard Bed height = 23 inches from the floor to the top of mattress. The turning bed can be made lower – please contact our sales team for more information.

Optional Integrations/Accessories

Adjustable Bed Grab Rail Ultra

The Arena adjustable bed grab rail, handle, ring or bed lever (depending on what you call it) comes with anti entrapment and was designed by Laybrook especially for domestic electric adjustable beds. The Arena grab ring is attached to the side of the surround so it stays static when you change position on your bed, this makes it easy to use when getting in and out of bed, helps you turn whilst laying in bed, supports you when getting up out of the bed whilst sitting on the edge of the bed. With other grab rings, when the head section of your bed elevates to the upright position the grab ring moves with the bed and impedes you from getting in & out of the bed.

Rising Bed Side

These rising cot sides as the name suggests, lift up with the bed and can used with any of our high low mechanisms (excluding Durham bed).

They are specially made for our height adjustable beds they as they slot into the top of the high low mechanism and are easily removable by carers.

Not compatable with standard electric beds (non height adjustable) or hospital electric beds.

Electric Leg Lifter

The electric powered leg lifter assists the user in getting their legs up onto the bed with the minimum of effort, it has been developed to be used with our electric adjustable beds as you can have the head section raised whilst lifting the legs to stop you falling back and is perfect for people with chronic oedema, muscle problems, hip and knee joint problems it does not get any easier than this for getting your legs up onto your bed.

Anti Entrapment

The anti-entrapment feature has safety at its heart, Laybrook are leaders in safety and have developed this product to work with its vertical lift mechanisms. If anything were to get trapped between the mechanism whilst it was being lowered, the mechanism sensors positioned on the side lenghts of the mechanism will reverse the motors with the slightest pressure.

V lift Wireless Back-lit Remote

Wireless Back Lit remote control for our range of adjustable beds. No fuss and no wires for your luxury adjustable bed, leave your remote either on your bed or on the bedside unit and lights up in the dark so you can easily see the controls, it also has a torch built in to navigate around the room without disturbing your partner. Lights up at the touch of a button. The Back-lit wireless Remote Control can be used with any bed and any size (single, double or dual). Double beds require one controller, dual beds require 2 controllers