Tungsten ’80 stone’ Super Bariatric Bed

Product Overview

An incredible feat of engineering with an 80 stone weight limit, the Tungsten solves current issues with the prescribing of a bed for clients with increased weight. No rocking, a strong bed with incredible stability. Caring for a client with increased weight creates numerous issues with moving and handling. The Tungsten has:

  • Strength
  • Stability
  • Ability to handle increasing weight
  • Reduces risk of injury to patient and carer

Taking into consideration:

Unpredictable excess flesh movement that changes weight distribution
Allows for varying client body shape and the additional body support needed
A larger sleeping area as standard
Manufactured using strong materials with a reinforced frame
6 Wheels that can retract for storage to allow for solid standing, coming back into use when needed


Width: 42″ (107cm), 48″ (123cm), 54″ (137cm)

Length: 6’0 (183 cm), 6’5 (198 cm), Bespoke