Timor – Unique Chair Bed

Product Overview

The Timor is a bed chair with a unique seat action that takes you effortlessly from laying, to sitting, to standing. A wonderful alternative to hoisting or sleeping in a chair, promotes independence and encourages mobility. The Timor greatly reduces the risk of moving and handling injuries, with a pressure relieving mattress which meets hospital specifications. The Timor is fully bespoke bed chair – identifying and making the correct start height, seat depth and back rest sections to fit individuals of any height.


  • Width: 30″ (76 cm), 36″ (91cm), 42″ (107cm), 48″ (123cm), 54″ (137cm)
  • Length: Bespoke
  • Max Weight: 25 st (159 kg)
  • Bariatric: 60 st (508 kg)
  • Movement Options: Back Up, Leg Drop, Tilt
  • Features/Options: Adjustable Static Feet, Four Locking Castors, Mini Padding for Hoops, Motorised Foot Board, Nursing Facility, Various colours