Sunrise Zippie Simba

The Lightest Rigid Wheelchair For Children With Growth Adjustability

Product Overview

The ZIPPIE Simba is the perfect Lightweight Rigid Children’s Wheelchair, with an overall product weight of only 8kg (1.5kg lighter than other similar models). The child user will find it easier to push and manoeuvre themselves, enabling them to be active for longer. With a wide variety of options and choice of colours combined with a seat that grows with the child, this is the ideal manual wheelchair for active kids.

The push bar can be easily adjusted in angle and height for an enhanced ergonomic position. The new stabiliser reinforces the wheelchair’s backrest, especially when push handles are chosen. With its improved handling, the updated safari side guard wheel lock enables you to stop your Simba wheelchair quickly and safely. The outstanding design of the new castor link tube, combined with the innovative carbotecture forks that are made from extremely lightweight stiff high-tech material, makes the Simba wheelchair just that little bit lighter. The optimised axle adapter offers full adjustability of the rear seat height, centre of gravity and camber without compromising on any performance.


  • Width: 670mm (depending on configuration) – (67cm depending on configuration)
  • Length: 890mm (89cm)
  • Seat Width: 220mm – 360mm ( +/- 20mm growth) – (22cm – 36cm) ( +/- 2cm growth)
  • Seat Depth: 240mm – 380mm ( +/- 40mm growth) – (24cm – 38cm) ( +/- 4cm growth)
  • Front seat height: 360mm – 480mm (36cm – 48cm)
  • Rear seat height: 290mm – 460mm (29cm – 46cm)
  • specs.tiltinspace: n/a
  • Backrest Height: 200mm – 400mm (20cm – 40cm)
  • Backrest Angle: -16° – + 20°
  • Lower leg length: 170mm – 360mm (17cm – 36cm)
  • Additional Growth (Depth): ability of growth with new parts
  • Additional Growth (Width): ability of growth with new parts
  • Frame Angle: 90°


  • Frame Type: Rigid
  • Frame Version: 0 / 3 cm abduction
  • Maximum User Weight: 65 kg (10.3 stone)
  • Total Weight: from 8 kg


  • This product has been successfully crash tested and fulfils the performance requirements for ISO 7176-19