Slippy Mitts / Gloves

The Slippy Sleeves offer the perfect slide sheet mitt solution for patients undergoing procedures involving repositioning.

Product Overview

These adaptable slide sheet gloves are perfect for handling patients to avoid user discomfort in any setting. Carers can slide the silicon-coated, nylon slippy mitts over the patient’s hands to keep them comfortable during procedures that involve skin smoothing, positional adjustments and inserting slings, as well as moving pillows and other items. The Slippy Sleeves also make it easy for carers to smooth material from underneath a patient, such as clothes or bedding.

The slide sheet gloves are washable at 30–80°C.

If you need advice about the Slippy Sleeves, please get in touch with our Technical Team. We will be delighted to help.

Product Video

Product Specifications

  • WEIGHT 0.52 kg
  • DIMENSIONS 26 × 24 × 1 cm
  • SIZE 22cm x 55cm, 19cm x 50cm
  • UNITS PER PACK – 1 Pair