RAZ AT Shower / Hygiene Chair

The impressive RAZ Attendant Tilt shower chair has multiple features, adjustments and accessories mean this shower chair will cover an extensive range of needs without having to find an alternative equipment solution at a later stage.

Product Overview

The RAZ Attendant Tilt (AT) Shower Chair – our most popular product which offers the most configurable postural management and user comfort.

Do you have significant postural or pressure management requirements? Do you have needs which will change over time and want to cover any eventuality?
If so, the AT is likely the best solution for you!

The AT is a multi-adjustable chair with a range of seat heights, seat depths, armrest heights and backrest angle adjustments as standard which allows movement within the frame to best suit the patient and the environment. The use of IPAS (Ischial pelvic alignment system), allows the aperture to be aligned with a user’s pelvis and the contoured soft foam goes further in reducing pressure.

Seat Width Options: The standard width of the RAZ AT is 450mm (18”), but new for 2021 is a range of other widths available, all with the same 157kg / 25 stone weight capacity. By request you can now select from 400mm (16”), 500mm (20”), 590mm (22”) and 610mm (24”) in addition to the standard size.

Key Features:

  • IPAS Seat System – adjust the seat depth to achieve optimum aperture positioning
  • Stainless steel chassis for durability
  • Height adjustable seat
  • Tension adjustable backrest – supports posture and provides lateral support
  • Tilt-in-Space to 40° – excellent for pressure management and comfort
  • Flip-up armrests for excellent access
  • Forward tilting position (optional) to assist with transfers
  • Several seat width options now available

Product Video

Technical Specifications

Max Patient Weight157kg / 25 stone
Overall Width570mm (450mm seat width model)
Seat Height530/560/580/610/640mm
Seat Depth (front of back post to front of seat)410mm / 480mm
Seat Width450mm standard (plus 400mm, 500mm, 590mm and 610mm by request)
Seat adjustmentUp to 50mm back/forwards. 20mm laterally
Back height430mm (option)
500mm standard
Width between armrests pads470mm
Overall depth with footplates, upright980mm
Overall depth with footplates, in tilt1300mm
Tilt in Space range0-40°
Toilet bowl clearance
Under Frame
Under commode pan brackets
450 / 470 / 500 / 530 / 550mm
420 / 440 / 470 / 500 / 520mm
Toilet bowl clearance width40cm
Lateral support adjustment range0-6cm offset – 46-33cm trunk width
5cm vertical
25mm back/forwards
±5° Pad angle
Footplate adjustment410-520mm (standard footplates)
460-570mm (standard footplates with footrest extension)
200-300mm (N721 MFX footplates)
300-410mm (N722 MFX footplates)