Quickie Q700 UP M Sedeo Ergo Powerchair

Redefining standing wheelchair technology

Manufactured by Sunrise Medical

Product Overview

Q700 M base technology combines unparalleled outdoor performance with an ultra-manoeuvrable base. Upgraded Spider Trac 2.0 suspension provides comfort, stability and the ability to climb kerbs of up to 4”, while the intuitive mid-wheel drive base, with a turning circle of 1260 mm, makes navigating even the tightest of spaces a breeze.

The Q700 M base is combined with our new biomechanical standing seating system. This means you can stand at up to 85° allowing you to interact with your friends face-to-face and access environments from new heights. The Q700-UP M also provides up to six programmable memory positions which can be tailored for your individual needs and wants, so at the touch of one button you can access your most commonly used positions.

The Q700-UP M allows you to stand whenever you want and offers many benefits for users health and lifestyle:

  • Improved pressure relief for those who may have limited ability to independently weight shift or have to sit for long periods.
  • Enhanced function and ability to reach and access your environment.
  • Improved range of motion and a reduction of the risk of contractures.
  • Supporting vital organ capacity including pulmonary, bowel and bladder function and improves circulation.
  • Promoting bone health and reducing the occurrence of skeletal deformities by encoring standing.
  • Reducing abnormal muscle tone and spasticity.

The Switch-It Remote Seating App measures users seating angles and tracks the duration they remain in the position in order to improve your overall health through pressure management.

  • Bluetooth technology seamlessly connects to your wheelchair
  • Live reports are created on the angle and duration of tilt, recline, leg elevation
  • Reports can be shared with therapists and physicians via email.
  • Helps create pressure relief plans
  • Alerts user to adjust seating


  • Width:620 mm
  • Length:1070 mm
  • Seat Width:400 – 500 mm
  • Seat Height:450 – 480 mm
  • Seat Depth:400 – 540 mm
  • Backrest Height:510 mm – 610 mm
  • Turning Radius:1000 mm


  • Speed: 6 & 8 kph (standard), 10 & 13 kph (optional)
  • Batteries: 60 Ah; 80 Ah (optional)
  • Maximum Safe Slope: 10°
  • Max Kerb Climb:100 mm
  • Electronics: R-Net controller; lights & indicators
  • Min. Weight:from 160 kg (without 60 Ah batteries)
  • Maximum User Weight:120 kg