Quickie Empulse F55 Power Hand Bike

Amazing Value Handbike

Manufactured by Sunrise Medical

Product Overview

The new Quickie Empulse will fit to almost every wheelchair, and unlike most hand bikes it can even be attached to a wheelchair with swing-away leg rests. Compatible with both folding and rigid chairs, with a vast range of adjustments to fit both you and your wheelchair. Offering grea value for money, the F55 is a great all round option.

Attaching the F55 is made easy with the large receivers , and weighing just 11 kg with the 2 kg battery pack removed, the F55 fits easily into the back of a car.

The Empulse F55 is the ideal partner for a Quickie wheelchair, and is available at a discounted rate when purchased alongside one.

The F55 offers an amazingly smooth and comfortable ride.  The Brushless 9.3 mph motors let you get places quickly and economically, and the light lithium battery has a highly impressive range of 15.5 miles. Slower speed motors are available if you are primarily using it indoors – however there are lower speed profile settings available . The LCD screen display provides clear information on your speed, battery status, power consumption and trip data, while the bright LED headlight keeps you visible.

The Quickie Empulse F55 Power Hand Bike can help you carry out everyday tasks, whether that be a commute, shopping, meeting friends and family, or walking the dog, giving the user the independence and freedom that they may have previously been missing.

There are two wheel sizes available, the 8.5 inch air-chambered solid tyre – offering tighter turning, more compact and ideal for those sticking to paved surfaces, or the 14 inch pneumatic tyre – improved outdoor handling, best for those wanting to go off-road.

Featuring the signature vibrant style to match Sunrise’s Quickie wheelchairs, the Empulse F55 provides a sporty yet smart upgrade to your wheelchair’s looks. It comes in all-black with a choice of four accent colours – orange, red, blue and black.