Positioning Wedge

This Positioning Wedge provides essential support to keep patients safe and comfortable in bed.

Product Overview

The Bed Positioning Wedge provides back and side support, helps to alleviate pressure and prevent patients from slipping down the bed. Once a carer has safely positioned a patient in their desired position, such as on their side, the patient can relax against the bed positioning aid in comfort.

Hospital Direct has worked closely with pressure-care specialists to develop this bed-side wedge for maximum support. The positioning aid’s three distinct support angles, anti-slip properties, durable foam and robust design make the therapy positioning wedge an ideal solution for long-term patient comfort. The wedge is also covered with a non-permeable material to ensure easy, wipe-down cleaning, leaving the patient feeling safe and secure in the comfort of their bed.

Hospital Direct recommends using the bed-side wedge in conjunction with the SIBA Satin Sliding System, which enables carers to safely reposition a patient before using the foam positioning wedge to support the patient. The satin sheets’ anti-slip properties prevent the positioning wedge from slipping, guaranteeing user comfort. Alternatively, the Flexicare 4-Way System also works perfectly with the wedge. The principle of the Flexicare System is the same as Satin System, but ideal for bariatric patients and patients requiring 24/7 in-bed care.

If you need advice about the bed-side wedge, please get in touch with our Technical Team. We will be delighted to help.

Product Video

Product Specifications

  • Size: 300 x 530 x 200mm