Lifeline Vi Alarm & MyAmie Pendant

Manufactured by Tunstall

Product Overview

The Lifeline Vi Alarm Unit has been manufactured by leading Telecare manufacturer Tunstall and is full of the latest technology. Not only is the Lifeline Vi Alarm modern and discreet, it’s also very easy to use and simple to set-up.

Included is the MyAmie pendant which activates the alarm at a push of a button and automatically calls through to our 24/7 Alarm Response Centre.

Having the Lifeline Alarm in your home can help to improve your confidence and bring peace of mind to the entire family. With our alarm, you will always have somebody to call in an emergency.

Product Video

Technical Specifications

Weight: 572g (939g Packaged)
Dimensions: 185mm x 122mm x 41mm (WxLxD)
Mains power: 230v ac 13A electrical socket (3 Watts)
Stand-by battery: 1200mAhr capacity (continually internally charged)
Back-up time: 40 hours of stand-by operation with one 30 minute alarm call
(minimum expected at date of purchase and when fully charged)
Radio frequency: 869.2125MHz, compliant with the European Social Alarm frequency
REN: 1
External connections: Telephone line cord with type BS6312 plug and 3m cable
DC power adapter with 3m cable
Radio trigger battery: 3V Lithium (not changeable) with up to 7 year life

Temperature: Operating temperature (to perform to full specification) = 0°C to
45°C, storage = -10°C to 50°C
Humidity: Operating relative humidity (non condensing to perform to full
specification) = 0 to 80%, storage relative humidity (non condensing)
= 0 to 93%

EMC: EN55022, EN55024, EN50130-4,
EN301 489-1, EN301 489-3
Safety: EN60950
Radio: EN300 220-2 Category 1
CE: Compliant
Social alarm: EN50134-1:2002, EN50134-2:1999 (trigger device),
Design, Manufacture, Installation and Service: ISO9001:2008