Lifeline GO GPS Alarm

Manufactured by Chiptech

Product Overview

The Lifeline GO is perfect for anyone who wants peace of mind at home and on the go. With cutting edge GPS technology and a handsfree speakerphone system.

Alongside the GO GPS Alarm itself, you will also receive a stainless-steel hypoallergenic chain and a keyring attachment, so you can decide how you want to wear your new pendant. You could wear it around your neck, clip it onto a belt, or attach it to your keys. In addition, you will receive an easy-to-use wireless charging station to replenish the alarm’s long-lasting battery.

If you have a fall or feel unwell in any way, all you need to do is press and hold the buttons on the front and back of the GO Alarm simultaneously. This will activate an alarm call to our Emergency Response centre. Our Response Team will answer the call within seconds and talk to you through the built-in speakerphone in order to assess the situation. Thanks to the GPS locator, they will be able to see your precise location and send help to you immediately. In most cases, this means calling your emergency contacts to assist you (usually relatives, close friends, and/or neighbours) but, where necessary, we will also contact the emergency services.

Product Video

Technical Specifications

System: Chiptech GO™, stainless steel chain, split ring, a wireless charger, plug pack, USB cable, user guide, fitted nano 3G SIM card, and internal RFID tag (NFC tag type 2) which stores information including: serial number, customer name, phone number, hardware version and date of manufacture.

Dimension: 67mm x 47mm x 13.5mm (L x W x H) weighs 33g.

Packaged: 215 x 175 x 55mm (L x W x H) and weighs 0.65kg with allcomponents included.

Environment: Operating temperature of 0˚C to + 50˚C, 90% humidity (noncondensating).

Radio Frequency: 869MHz European Social Alarm frequency.

Range: Emergency hand over range is 300 metres+ in open air.

Battery Recharge Time: Approximately 3 to 5 hours from low battery

Cellular Module: 3G 2100 MHz and 850MHz or 900MHz

GPS Antenna Tuning: 1574.42Mhz