Hugga Sleep System

External posture control and support during sleep for adults and children

Product Overview

Designed by two neuro-physiotherapists with over 30 years combined experience

Designed for people who find it hard to move and are most at risk of developing body shape distortions because they sit or lie in limited positions. Failure to protect a person’s body shape can have serious consequences. 

  • Provide external postural control & support
  • Reduces the tone/tension within the muscles
  • Over time prevents musculo-skeletal deformities & deterioration
  • Creates better posture & maintains muscle length
  • Reduces the likelihood of invasive & expensive interventions
  • Can help reduce pressure sores
  • Can improve digestion & breathing
  • Less staff input
  • Can be purchased as the full Hugga Sleep System or as individual cushions

Product Video – How To Apply The Hugga Sleep System

“As a Specialist Neurological Physiotherapist who works with postural management equipment on a daily basis, I have found that the Hugga sleep-system provides an excellent cost-effective solution for clients with altered postures.  For me, the key features for an effective system is compliance and comfort for the client whilst optimising their postures, and acceptance and ease of application for the nursing team. The Hugga sleep-system achieves this at a very competitive price.”