Glide and Lock

This one-way Glide and Lock system allows users to position themselves comfortably in chairs with minimal support from carers.

Product Overview

As the most popular of Hospital Direct’s glide and lock products, the Standard Glide and Lock helps users to position themselves comfortably in standard chairs and wheelchairs. The one-way slide sheet enables users to slide from the front to the back of a chair or wheelchair and adopt a good seating position without sliding down.

The low-profile, one-way glide sheet has a soft, breathable top fabric that is comfortable to sit on and is best suited to those who just need a little help to slide into their seat. Keep in mind that users need sitting balance and the ability to push through their feet to start the slide back. However, single carers can support users as they slide back into the chair by using a pillow below the knees, as shown in our short video.

We recommend pairing the one-way glide sheet with an anti-slip foot pad, which can be positioned under the feet can to help some users, especially those wearing slippers.

The standard Glide and Lock is available in three sizes. For those requiring more help, search our range of Glide and Locks with Handles. These one-way slide sheets allow carers to use handles on either side to facilitate the slide back.

FIM Level 6–4

If you need advice about the one-way Glide and Lock system, please get in touch with our Technical Team. We will be delighted to help.

Product Video

Product Specifications

  • WEIGHT 0.3 kg
  • DIMENSIONS 46 × 54 × 5 cm
  • SIZE 35cm x 35cm, 38cm x 46cm, 46cm x 54cm