Eco Slide

Eco friendly SPU slide sheet, made from recycled polyester fibres (RPET), helping reduce the carbon footprint. Silicone coated with high slip finish. Latex free, and available in a wide range of sizes.

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Features & Benefits

  • Made from recycled polyester fibres, helping reduce the carbon footprint
  • Individually packed in Bio degradable material ā€“ reduces unnecessary use
  • Silicone coated with high slip finish
  • Safe and easy patient movement
  • Hanging strap ā€“ easy storage close to the patient
  • Drawstring Bag availableā€“ minimises risk of misuse
  • Latex free ā€“ minimises risk of allergic reaction
  • Available in a wide choice of sizes
  • Flat and Tubular sheets available


  • Made from recycled polyester fibres (RPET) and Latex free