Arctic Turning Bed

The Arctic – a multi-functional turning bed

Product Overview

The Arctic is a multi-functional turning bed that enables single-handed care and hands-free turning with its automatic turning feature. The Arctic will turn someone from side to side throughout the night, the programme has the ability to accommodate individual needs. Fully profiling, the Arctic enables a client to turn whilst in a sitting position and if needed profile each leg individually. Comfort at the touch of a button.

The Arctic can accommodate even the most complex needs. Due to the configuration of the frame it allows a client to sit and turn at the same time. Individual leg movements are fitted as standard. An automatic, programmable turning bed. With so many varying positions the client or carer can adjust the bed to suit individual needs, helping with breathing, coughing, comfort and reducing the time it takes to reposition.


Width: 30″ (76 cm), 36″ (91cm), 42″ (107cm), 48″ (123cm)

Length: 5’0 (152 cm), 5’5 (168 cm), 6’0 (183 cm), 6’5 (198 cm), 7’0 (213 cm), 7’5 (229 cm), Bespoke

Start Height: 11″ (28 cm)

Max Weight: 25 st (159 kg)

Bariatric: 60 st (508 kg)

Movement Options: Head Up, Head Up and Turn Left, Head Up and Turn Right, High/Low Trendelenburg, Left Leg Up, Reverse Trendelenburg, Right Leg Up, Turn Left, Turn Right

Features/Options: Adjustable Length/Width, Anti Static Castors, Auto Turning Function, Bariatric, Bedside Rails, Bumpers, Paediatric Sizes, Various colours