Anti-Slip Foot Pad

The Anti-Slip Foot Pad is a unique safety aid that helps to prevent slipping when patients are getting in and out of bed or sitting and rising from a chair.

Product Overview

Those who find that their feet slip when getting in and out of chairs and beds will find this Anti-Slip Foot Pad an incredibly useful – yet inexpensive – solution when it comes to avoiding accidents. A helpful rehabilitation aid, the non-slip foot pad enables independent living for patients who would otherwise need support when getting into and out of beds and chairs. The healthcare foot pads are so handy for independence that some people even have two: one for chairs and one for bed!

To use the Anti-Slip Foot Pad, simply place the foot pad on the surface you need to gain more grip on, and the double-sided non-slip surface will prevent you from slipping when you climb into or out of your bed or chair. The healthcare foot pad is also hard-wearing and easy to clean, enabling frequent, long-term use.

When used in bed, patients may use the Anti-Slip Foot Pad with a slide sheet or anti-slip slide sheet to facilitate moving up the bed. Alternatively, when used in a chair or wheelchair, the non-slip foot pad works well with any chair-sized glide and lock.

If you need advice about the Anti-Slip Foot Pad, please get in touch with our Technical Team. We will be delighted to help.

FIM Independence Level: 6–4

Product Video

Product Specifications

  • WEIGHT 0.37 kg
  • DIMENSIONS 40 × 40 × 2 cm
  • SIZE 40cm x 40cm, 40cm x 48cm, 60cm x 48cm, 70cm x 55cm