Adjustable Bed Grab Rail Ultra

Product Overview

The Arena adjustable bed grab rail, handle, ring or bed lever (depending on what you call it) comes with anti entrapment and was designed by Laybrook especially for domestic electric adjustable beds. The Arena grab ring is attached to the side of the surround so it stays static when you change position on your bed, this makes it easy to use when getting in and out of bed, helps you turn whilst laying in bed, supports you when getting up out of the bed whilst sitting on the edge of the bed. With other grab rings, when the head section of your bed elevates to the upright position the grab ring moves with the bed and impedes you from getting in & out of the bed.

Description of Arena Ring

  • Easy fitting, new clamping system. Just twist handle to attach.
  • Bottom half of Arena grab ring is attached to inside of surround via a U grip and the top half is attached to the static part of the mechanism with a clamping action, just twist the knob and the threaded clamp secures the bed lever onto the bed.
  • Top half will always be in the same position. 
  • Can be fitted to most divans, most wooden surrounds and all of our leather beds without drawers.
  • Now with rail to hold your remote control. 

Product Video

Technical Specifications


  • From the platform base the Arean bed lever is 19.5 inches high (49.5cm).
  • The width of the bed lever is 9 inches (23cm)