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Workshop Timetable

Kay James BHSc(Hons) OT – OT4Independence Ltd

Kay James is an Independent Occupational Therapist and Moving and Handling Trainer. She runs her own business OT4Independence Ltd based in Maidstone, Kent. Over the last 24 years of practice, she has gained extensive skills, knowledge and experience working with adults and children who have complex disability needs. Kay currently provides support to local authorities to implement single carer handling approaches to improve quality of care and dignity for service users. She provides creative, memorable training which facilitates a positive change in the way that people are moved and handled.

All Day: Single Handed Care Workshop For Community Based Care – Interactive Workshop At Your Fingertips

Virtual product-focused training. Our virtual workshop will have interactive Moving and Handling products linked to bite sized training videos delivered by Kay James James BHSc(Hons) OT.

The following training videos will be available to view in the workshop space throughout the day:

  1. How to maintain dignity, privacy and continence when using a full lifting hoist and in situ hoist sling for toileting?
  2. How to roll someone into side lying when it’s hard work for the single carer to achieve this.
  3. How to dress someone in the bed without rolling them.
  4. Fitting a hoist sling in the bed on someone who is in pain or anxious when being rolled.
  5. How to fit a sling on someone who can roll on one side but not the other due to hip or shoulder pain.

Delivered in the Workshop space

11:00: Live Q+A Session 1

Your first chance to get your questions answered by Kay James.

14:30: Live Q+A Session 2

A second chance to get your questions answered by Kay James.

Conference Timetable

Sharon Rindsland – Moving & Handling Senior Co-ordinator of East Kent Hospital University Foundation Trust (EKHUFT)

When I was growing up, I would constantly hear my mum tell me to stand up straight and watch my posture. She always said “a good posture is a sign of a confident person. How ironic is that! In later life I ended up teaching all about the importance of a good posture and manual handling!I started work as an HCA in 1997 and went on to qualify as a mammography practitioner in breast screening in 2004. I was asked to go onto a 5-day manual handling link assessors’ course in 2005 which meant that I then could teach other staff the importance of using equipment to improve staff and patient safety. I went on to further my education in manual handling and went to Loughborough University, where I completed a 2 year post graduate course in Manual Handling and Healthcare Management. I moved Trusts in 2012 and became the senior moving and handling advisor in 2013 of east Kent hospitals university foundation trust. This was also the first year I went to the National Back Exchange Conference; I have been a member of the National Back Exchange since becoming an advisor 8 years ago. I always attend my local group meetings where I became chair of the local group in 2014. In 2016 I was promoted by EKHUFT to a band 8a Moving and Handling Senior Coordinator and now sit at board level. I am in my final year of my MSc at Derby University in Ergonomics and Human Factors looking at organisational behaviours.

09:15-10:00: Following the different processes of proning and identifying the correct approach as per the clients requirments

30 minute presentation followed by 15 minutes Q+A time.

Featuring Posture Care, GBUK & East Kent Hospitals NHS Trust

Delivered in the Conference space

12:15-13:00: Reducing pressure ulcers and increasing mobilisation with the use of slide sheets

30 minute presentation followed by a 15 minute Q+A session

Featuring GBUK & East Kent Hospitals NHS Trust.

Delivered in the Conference space

13:15-14:00: How to reduce manual handling and increase mobilisation for Bariatrics

30 minute presentation followed by a 15 minute Q+A session

Featuring our event sponsors Laybrook

Delivered in the Conference space

Sue Lenihan – Lead Moving and Handling Advisor, PGCert Ergonomics (Human Factors) Loughborough University Risk Management

Sue is currently the Lead moving and handling advisor for Kent and Medway NHS and Social Care Partnership Trust (KMPT) and has worked in healthcare for the past 33 years. Alongside this, Sue is a member of the National Back Exchange (NBE), a non-profit membership association whose goal is to develop, disseminate and promote evidence-based best practice in all aspects of moving and handling and musculoskeletal health. NBE has a number of local affiliated groups located throughout the UK which run meetings on a regular basis. Sue is the secretary for the Kent group which promotes networking, sharing and disseminating information and support to members at a local level. Sue started her career working for South Kent Hospitals Trust as a Healthcare assistant on an older adults’ ward and in orthopaedics. She later trained as a Department link assessor to lead on compliance and equipment maintenance. When the Trust was renamed East Kent Hospitals Trust, Sue trained as a Health trainer and worked alongside the Trust’s occupational health team helping to keep staff healthy and safe while in work as well as managing any risks in the workplace. During this time Sue was awarded a place at Loughborough University Design School to study Ergonomics (Human factors) to further increase her knowledge and to support the Trust in working alongside staff to ensure the environment and work practices eliminated discomfort and risk of injury. After 29 years, Sue moved to KMPT, which provides secondary mental health services across Kent and Medway, both in the community and within inpatient settings. Sue has been responsible for introducing a number of changes to help improve patient safety including tamper proof and static beds and specific mattresses to minimise the risk of self-harm and help improve physical health issues experienced by some mental health patients. Sue is passionate about caring for people and assisting them with safe movement. Her presentation explains how she has worked collaboratively with manufacturers to solve problems with bedframes and mattress prototypes and the changes required to help meet the needs of mental health patients across five care group settings.

10:15-11:00: Quality Physical Health Care In Mental Health Environments. Meeting the Challenge!

30 minute presentation followed by a 15 minute Q+A session

Delivered in the Conference space

Melanie Sturman – Moving and Handling Advisor MSc RGN, Norfolk County Council

Melanie is a registered nurse with over 30 years of experience working in the health and social care sector. Melanie has 20 years of experience working as a moving and handling advisor and has been working with Norfolk County Council for 17 years. Melanie is also an associate lecturer at the UEA.

Melanie’s particular interest is in dementia care, plus size handling and risk management. Melanie has presented her work nationally and internationally and published a book Dementia Care a Behavioural Approach to Moving and Handling in 2019. Melanie is an active member of National Back Exchange and in 2021 was elected on the Eastern Region RCN Board. In her personal life Melanie is recognised as a huge fundraiser and as a marathon runner. In 2021 Melanie was ranked as a world mega marathon athlete.

11:10-12:10: Behavioural approach to managing moving and handling risks for people with combative behaviours.

30 minute presentation followed by a 15 minute Q+A session

Delivered in the Conference space

15:05-16:05: Managing or creating moving and handling risks: How far do practitioners allow risk?

30 minute presentation followed by a 15 minute Q+A session

Delivered in the Conference space

James Smith – Manual Handling Advisor & Independent Consultant, RQS (Recognising Quality Solutions)

James has been advising in moving and handling for over 22 years and has worked across many areas of Kent. He has held a number of posts within the NHS including senior positions in two acute trusts in the last 12 years as well as specialist charities and Health Care organisations. In his current advisory role he assists the Trust at a strategic and operational level on how to implement the Moving and Handling Policy and advises on strategies to meet specific Trust and departmental needs. James has a clinical background in Physiotherapy and has worked with a number of different patient groups from adults with learning disabilities in the community to blind and visually impaired children. Along with these specialist roles he advised and trained staff in the moving and handling of patients with multiple physical and learning disabilities, often with extremely complex physical conditions and specialist requirements. More recently he is one of the co-founders and director of RQS (Recognising Quality Solutions) an independent moving and handling consultancy providing award winning solutions and product assurance for individuals working within the moving and handling and care industry.

14:15-15:00: Saving workload, increasing staff compliance, raising performance standards and providing a safe environment

30 minute presentation followed by a 15 minute Q+A session

Delivered in the Conference space

Simon Love, Chairman National Back Exchange

My experience in manual handling began in 1991 delivering manual handling training to care home staff in Leeds. Since then, I have trained staff from a wide variety of organisations throughout the UK and abroad.

Although I still undertake training of carers and staff in a wide variety of settings the scope of my manual handling experience has developed to having organisational and strategic responsibilities. I regularly update and consolidate my professional development by attending conferences, being chairman of the Yorkshire Branch of the National Back Exchange (YBE) for 5 years, being an active member of the product review panel of National Back Exchange (NBE) for 4 years, being on the Executive committee for the past 4½ years and Chairman for the past 2½ years. I update and fulfil all the requirements of my CPD to maintain my Advanced Members status within NBE. I have regularly run workshops and been a plenary speaker at conferences including the NBE, DLF, OT show and AfPP over the past 7 years. I am currently supporting the NHS by working 2 days a week at the regional spinal injuries unit in Wakefield. I feel I have the grounding of continuing to train staff at the sharp end, understanding the problems, issues and situations they face on a daily basis and yet have experience and understanding of the bigger picture at an organisational level.

Current role(s) and affiliations:

  • Director and Consultant for LPS Training & Consultancy Ltd
  • Senior Physiotherapist Pinderfields Hospital
  • Chairman NBE

For anyone wishing to join the National Back Exchange, you can do so at this link.

16:15: How to get the information, help and support you need.

Delivered in the Conference space

On-Stand Demonstrations


0808 274 0794

Moving & Handling Event – Stand A3

On-Stand Demonstration

Solutions for reducing manual handling, increasing independence and mobilisation within a care and community setting.

Stand A3 – Showing at 14:00 – Click here to join


01233 635353

Moving & Handling Event – Stand A2

On-Stand Demonstration

09:30 and 13:00 – Centrobed – New Product Launch – The Tungsten Elite

We are delighted to announce that we will be launching our new bariatric bed, The Tungsten Elite at the upcoming RISE Virtual Moving and Handling Event on 23rd April 2021.

At Centrobed we are always listening to what our customers need to help them live as independently and safely as possible. The Tungsten Elite has been bought to the market after hearing that our bariatric customers and also their carers needed additional support with moving and handling.  

Please join us on the day to be the first to hear about our new to market release! Stand A2.

Click here to join at 9:30

Click here to join at 13:00

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